The Priest Who Impersonated Sudha Murthy’s Aide: Unraveling the Deception

The Priest Who Impersonated Sudha Murthy's Aide: Unraveling the Deception

In a bizarre incident that has left many perplexed, a priest from Bengaluru was arrested for impersonating renowned author and philanthropist Sudha Murthy’s aide. The accused, identified as 36-year-old Shankar Bhat, had been posing as Murthy’s assistant for several months, even going so far as to attend events and meetings in her place. But how did he manage to pull off such an elaborate ruse, and what motivated him to do so? In this article, we delve into the details of the case and explore the larger questions it raises about identity, power, and deception.

The Story Unfolds

On Monday evening, Sudha Murthy, who is known for her philanthropic work and literary contributions, received a call from a friend informing her that someone had been impersonating her aide. Initially skeptical, Murthy decided to investigate further and discovered that indeed, someone had been using her name and credentials to attend various events and meetings in her stead.

The police were quickly alerted, and an investigation led them to Shankar Bhat, a resident of Basavanagudi in Bengaluru. Bhat was arrested and taken into custody, where he confessed to having impersonated Murthy’s aide for several months. He revealed that his motive was simple – he wanted to gain access to influential people and organizations.

Bhat’s modus operandi was surprisingly straightforward. He would use social media platforms to gather information about Sudha Murthy’s schedule and activities, and then pose as her aide to gain entry into events and meetings. He even went so far as to create fake email IDs and phone numbers to back up his claims.

But how did he manage to fool so many people for so long? According to investigators, Bhat was able to convincingly imitate the mannerisms and speech patterns of a person from the southern state of Karnataka, where Murthy hails from. Additionally, he was well-versed in Murthy’s writing style and could quote passages from her books, making him appear authentic to those who interacted with him.

A Complex Web of Deceit

As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Bhat’s actions were not just a simple case of impersonation but part of a larger web of deceit. Investigators have found evidence that suggests Bhat may have been involved in other fraudulent activities, including embezzlement and forgery.

Moreover, the incident highlights the ease with which individuals can manipulate identities and assume new personas in today’s digital age. With social media platforms offering endless opportunities for self-expression, it has become increasingly easy for people to create false narratives and present themselves as someone they’re not.

The Question of Motivation

One question that remains unanswered is why Bhat chose to impersonate Sudha Murthy specifically. While his desire for access to powerful circles is understandable, there may be deeper psychological factors at play. Some experts suggest that Bhat may have been driven by a need for validation and recognition, which he felt he could achieve by associating himself with a respected figure like Murphy.

Others speculate that Bhat may have been motivated by financial gains, as Murthy is known for her charitable work and generosity. However, this theory remains unsubstantiated, as there is currently no evidence to support it.


The case of Shankar Bhat serves as a reminder of the dangers of impersonation and the importance of verifying identities in our increasingly complex world. It also raises important questions about the nature of power dynamics and the lengths some will go to achieve their goals. As we move forward, it is essential to remain vigilant and ensure that we are not duped by false pretenses. Only through awareness and education can we prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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